Optus is a well-known email service provider with a huge customer base. Millions of people use this service to communicate for personal as well as business reasons. It has variety of features which offer great user experience to the customers. However, customers do come across problems for which they require expert solutions and step by step guidance. Also, many customers are not aware how to use various features of Optus email service which leads to problems in using the service. That is why we at Optus Technical Support offer complete solutions for all types of issues that customers may face from time to time.

Common Problems with Optus Webmail

While using Optus Webmail is a matter of convenience for many people, some users encounter a few technical errors. The email client is known for offering secured and feature-rich email service. But, technical errors can ruin your experience with Optus Webmail. In the following section, some common errors with Optus Webmail and their solutions have been discussed.

Cannot Compose an Email

Choose compose which is available at the top of the mail box in the left corner. In the To field enter the e-mail address to which you want to send the mail. If you have the e-mail address already saved in your contacts list you can click on contacts and choose the e-mail address. If you want you can select CC or BCC which is available on the right corner of the compose message box. Now, type in your text message and click on send. If you cannot compose the email, you need an expert’s assistance. There are many reasons that may restrict you from composing email. Call our Optus Technical Support Number, and we will provide the troubleshooting guidance with perfection.

Problems in Reply to a Message

When you open the inbox all new messages will appear, but if the inbox is already open you have to click on the refresh button to fill the new messages if any. Click on the message you want to read. There are arrows visible on the corner of the message box in the top left corner. In case you want to add a new address, you will be asked if you would want to attach the attachments (if any) to the mail sent to the ne recipient. Facing problem in replying to an email is a problem with internet connection. You can to check the internet connection. If everything with your internet connection is fine, you should look for the other possible errors.

Among the other reasons for Optus Webmail errors, wrong email address is a prominent reason. If you have entered wrong email address, you will find problem in sending email to a recipient. Another possible reason for the error is restriction added by the recipient. If the email receiver has blocked you, email sending error will occur. Apart from such things, problem with the internal server of Optus Webmail is also a reason for the error in replying to an email. Call us for the Optus customer care service.

How to Add Stationery to My Email

Optus Webmail lets you add some aesthetics to your emails which creates a good impression on your recipients. You can choose from more than 50 options. First choose Compose and then click on the Stationery button visible on the stationery toolbar. Browse through the available templates. Compose your mail and then click send. There are many formatting options too. You can format the email as per your choice. Some people like to send newsletters in image format. You can create infographics and upload the image. How to send such newsletters? Call our Optus Customer Support and obtain step by step guidance.

Want to Delete Messages?

You can tick mark the box opposite to each message and then choose the delete button. Or, if you want you can check the messages and then drag and drop the messages to the trash box. Facing problem with deleting messages is also a common error with Optus Webmail. If you are getting such error, there could be a number of reasons behind it. Internet connection error and internal server errors are the commonest reasons. We are here to assist you on detecting the errors and resolve them through step-by-step process.

Resolving Problems in Sending and Receiving Emails

If you have problems in sending and receiving mails, you can consider the followings as the causes behind your problem, though it is always advisable to call Optus Customer Care Number to get the best solutions.

  • You must be sure that you are not sending and receiving any encrypted material in e-mail as it can disable your ID to work. It is always better to send and receive mail innormal form.
  • Any attachment that is bigger than the size allowed in your mail may stop you sending your mail.
  • Any mail having contents that are potentially harmful will be disallowed to access by the Optus.
  • Be sure that you typed the correct e-mail address. Otherwise it will never reach your desired destination.
  • If you try to send messages in large numbers, the service provider may block your account in order to dissuade the spammer.

Email Attachment Error

Many users may find problem with adding attachments to their emails. We provide step by step guide to resolve email attachment errors. Attachment error mainly happens due to internal server error from Optus. In some cases, it happens due to problem with internet connection of the users.

Optus Customer Service is always there for you to provide solutions for many other problems. We make sure that you will always get a very prompt response from them.

These are some of the problems which customers face but there are many more issues, both easy and complicated ones report by the customers. With our full-proof solutions we are always able to take care of various issues in the shortest possible time. Dial our Optus toll-free Number for availing customer support service offered by our trained and skilled executives. We offer satisfactory solutions at the quickest time.