Email Suspended Coming after Login Optus Webmail

Optus email is a term that we might have heard here and there while surfing the internet. Email is one of the most used mediums for delivering and exchanging messages. The system is built in such a simple and great way where the subject defines what the email is about and in the body part we can check on the details of the message sent. Only in the earlier version, we used to find a simple feature on email client software which was to send and receive emails, also back then the process was a bit slower compared to what the transfer speed is. In the latest version of Optus email, users will be provided with several interesting features to operate an email service. We come with a new user service, in a case where the user wants to learn any feature about Optus email or even if the user has faced some issue then connect with Customer Care for support.

With that general information about Optus email, we will be moving into learning some of the cool, featuresthatare provided to use for us. With Optus email, every user who has created an account will be provided with cloud storage. The following storage will have a certain space in which user can store their files and access them when necessary. To access the file which is stored in the user’s Optus email, the process must be conducted under an internet connection. The next feature which we can find is creating an email folder, the following feature here makes out work easier where different email folders can be created and the emails can be stored. If users are interested in using those features and also interested in learning about other features provided by Optus email then connect with Support Service.

In the above section, we talked about some of the features which are provided by Optus email. Now it is time to also discuss some issues which we face while using Optus email. It will very helpful for users, as if in the future they get stuck with the issues then the instruction given in the article will be useful later. The issue which we will be talking about is the account getting suspended after logging into Optus email. In such a case, there could be several reasons due to which the account got suspended. Check on the given points to solve the problem.

  • If users have a due amount to clear for their email account then clear the amount and then the email will be re-activated.
  • If the email account is compromised then in such case the account can get suspended. Contact Support as soon as possible in such a case and report the case.
  • The next reason here could be due to the user opening account after a long time, the user will have to inform Optus Support about the situation.

For more on Optus email kindly reach out to Optus Technical Support.

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