How to change OptusNet email address

OptusNet mail is an email client service provider which is operating from Australia and has been serving users with the best and fast email transfer service. We do know that email is used from very old times, and due to the nature of its software, we still love email to deliver the message. OptusNet mail is a genuine email client which has the best security features built-in with easy to get started user interface. Users will not have to frequently call for Customer Support to learn the ways for using OptusNet Email. OptusNet email comes with various features embedded on it where users can use the calendar for setting events dates, arrange meetings, set interview dates, add important notes and save them, having loads of email is a hassle for the user to manage. And if we are in a hurry those emails will be lost in a single Inbox folder. With OptusNet mail,users will be able to create various folders and save emails accordingly. Not just limiting its feature within the software but now users will be able to freely connect their other email account to OptusNet email. By the following feature users, will have no trouble in managing their email accounts. With so many accounts come various passwords, and if those passwords are not preserved responsibly it could lead to a great loss to the user. Learn all about OptusNet mail from our Customer Care.

We provided the user with some of the necessary details about the OptusNet email. Now users can figure out what sort of service and feature is available. Now lets us move into a section where we as a user have to solve a problem that occurs at OptusNet email. There are no such cases where the user will have to face major issues with the email client but there will be some minor issues that might get users to not use the email service. We will be discussing a case where a user has to change their email address. It might not be a suitable name placed for an email address at the beginning, if users want to update, Optus has an available feature to change it. Below we have provided the steps to change the email address for the primaryemail account.

Changing Primary email address

  • Open the OptusNet Login page and click on Forgot your email?
  • Then there will be a set of instructions put infront of the screen.
  • Users will have to follow the instructions and your email address will be updated.
  • Users will also have to provide their passwords for the authentication process.
  • Once the process is done users can create a new email address for their Optus email account.

Follow the given steps to recover or change your email address. If there are any other further questions for OptusNet email feel free to contact us at Optus Phone Number.

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