How to Configure Optus Webmail in Outlook

These days if we are looking to get some work done easily and effectively then the internet and web have become a very good medium for it. And as we are talking about things done, we want to refer to the communication sector. In the earlier days if we ought to communicate with other people then the only way was by sending letters. Nows things have drastically changed, there has been numerous development made in the field of technology. From the development now if we are looking to communicate with other people then just clicking the buttons will send the message instantly. We are here talking about email service, we just have to create an account on Optus mail and the message will be sent instantly. Optus webmail is one of the most popular emailing sites which has the latest feature required in Email client software. If users are interested in learning about what functionality and feature Optus provides can connect with Customer Support.

After the brief information on how the technology has emerged, now let us get a bit deeper into learning about Optus Webmail. We all know that users are excited to use the genuine email client where maximum features are provided for users. To talk about Optus webmail, the software is easy to use, there will be no such case where the user would have to contact Service Center to make simple changes to their account. One of the best and most loved featuresof Optus mail is the two-factor authentication. Passwords are sometimes hard to handle due to which the account might get compromised. With two-factor authentication,user can keep their device completely safe. If users want to get started with the service then kindly reach out to Technical Support.

It is time to check on the queries which users have sent use regarding Optus webmail. Users may have heard about the feature where the Optus webmail account can be connected with Outlook mail. And users want to use the service and are not sure about the steps. In the points given below, we have mentioned all necessary changes and steps.

  • First make sure to tick on the, “Set up the account manually”. Then the user will have to set their mail server to Optus mail server.
  • Make changes in the IMAP incoming server setting.
  • Change the hostname to The username should be set to the user’s email address. Then enter the user’s password. Set the server port for no SSL to 143 and server port with SSL to 993.
  • Next, IMAP outgoing mail server setting.
  • Change the hostname to Enter the user’s Optus username and password. Server port no SSL to 143 and server port with SSL to 993.

After following the steps users’ setup for Outlook will be completed. If there are any other questions for Optus webmail then contact us directly at Optus Support Service Number.

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