How to Retrieve a Deleted Email folder in the Optus Account?

Optus is a term which we all may have heard once in a while, but most users are not aware of what it is. Singtel Optus Pty Limited which is commonly known as Optus is a company that provides telecommunication services which are located inAustralia. The company has been serving with its service for many years and users have enjoyed the service. Optus comes with Optus Living Network, Corporate, and Careers. And in the following content, we will be looking at email service which is also the main attraction presented by Optus. We all use email services these days to communicate with other users. Optus email comes with the complete package for email service which offers numerous features for users. It is very necessary to choose a genuine email site that can be helpful in various situations. If users want to know more about Optus email, then there is a Support Service initiated for users where all necessary information will be provided to the user.

Now moving on to learning more about Optus email, we would like to provide some details about the feature which we can use in Optus email. We all have a hard time managing emailsthat we receive daily. And at the time of managing them, we often clear the unnecessary emails. In such moments, we often make the mistake of deleting an important email. Now in such a case, it would be very uneasy to ask the sender to resend the email or if the email is very old, re-sending the email would be hard. Looking at such conditions, Optus comes with a feature where users can restore their deleted emails. With such a feature it will sure help loads of users to retrieve their email. There is one thing that we should be aware of while using the feature, the deleted emails will be stored for a limited about of time in the Bin folder. If users try to retrieve the email after the time limit is crossed, then those emails cannot be retrieved. For more on Optus email kindly reach out to us at Customer Support.

After learning about the feature offered by Optus email, everyone must be eager to learn how to use the feature. Well, the process is very simple, only by heading to a certain part of your email account, users will be able to retrieve their email from the deleted email folder. The only thing thatthe user must do is locate the deleted email folder. Don’t worry, users will not have to find the folder on their own, we will provide the necessary steps to locate the folder. Follow the steps given below.

How to retrieve deleted emails in Optus Webmail

  • Simply login into your email account.
  • Then in the Inbox folder section search for Trash.
  • Users can find the deleted email, click the email and restore them to the required folder on your email account.

If users have any questions for Optus email, then give us a call at Optus Customer Care Number.

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