How to set up OptusNet email on mac mail

If we check nowadays using email service has been a compulsion for the user who is working in various field. Email has been a good medium for sending and receiving messages. We can also clearly see that the technology is rapidly developing which has also a great impact onthe communication sector. We do understand that communication is a very foundation to connect and build relationships with other people. And to make that easier for users, email has played a bigger role it. And to use the best email client, OptusNet email comes with its best feature and functionality for users. The software is designed in such a way where there is no such security breach, so the user will not have to worry about the security of their account. All of the user’s data is completely safe where no hacker could penetrate the security. We can provide more interesting information as such for OptusNet mail, if users are interested in learning contact us at Support Service.

Email service is used nowadays in almost every operating system, in the earlier versions there only used to be the program for Windows, but now OptusNet email supports all operating systems, Windows, Mac, Android, etc. Users must have heard about Apple mail which is another email client service that is also liked by many users around the globe. The mail can be used for macOS, iOS, iPadOS.Apple mail also has corporated for a cause where users can connect their email account to a common email client. Users now have the feature where the email accounts can be extended further to connect such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Now with the new feature of connecting accounts will be very helpful for the user. To take additional information about the features and changes in OptusNet email kindly give us a call at Customer Care.

After learning the new features which have been added to the email client, we are sure that many users are waiting to connect their accounts. Now we will be looking at the process for setting up OptusNet email on Mac Mail. The process is not that complicated where users can easily follow the instructions and connect their email accounts. Below we have provided the necessary steps to make changes, follow as instructed.

OptusNet Email setup for Mac mail

Before starting the process, make sure the device is connected to the internet.

  • Load the mail, and from the Mail’s menu click on “mail”
  • Then click on preferences.
  • Search for accounts and click on them.
  • There will be a “+” sign, click on it located on the left bottom side.
  • The users will now have to Add an account.
  • Fill in with the user’s credentials.
  • After providing the details, click on continue.
  • Next set the Account type to POP/POP3

After following the steps users will be able to setup OptusNet email on Mac. If there is any confusion or question regarding the step then report your issue to Optus Technical Support.

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