How to set up OptusNet email on Windows mail

Have you been searching for the best email client on the web and haven’t found any best emailing software then stay with us till the end. We will be providing users with genuine information about the most likes email client which is being used all over the world and has millions of active users. We suggest userscheck on OptusNet email, it is a company that is responsible for providing telecommunication service and it provides the user with excellent email service too. We all know that using email service is one of the most standard and genuine waysof communicating with other people. Due to which it is still being used and almost every other field is operating the service. One of the main reasons for a user to love the email service is its efficiency and providing the best service. If users check on the official site of Optus, there is all the necessary information that is required to get started. If users are not comfortable visiting the site then Optus also provides Customer Care, where all necessary information about Optus will be provided.

Now, let’s look at some of the steps which are required to be done for connecting OptusNet Email on Windows Mail. As we have mentioned that there are loads of featuresthat are available on the email client software. Users can use them without paying any price, which one of the best features is connecting OptusNet email to other email accounts. We sure do have several email accounts, and in every account, wehave loads of emails to handle. And we can see clearly that several email account means we need more space for those emails. When we are in a hurry, it would be a huge mess to operate over different email client software and manage them. So, to reduce and minimize the problem of handling multiple accounts, all email clients came together to form a feature where the accounts could be connected with one other. The feature was a success and now users can easily connect their OptusNet email on Windows Mail. If users are not aware of the feature, have confused about how it works can connect with Support Services, every process will be explained to the user.

Below we have provided the steps to setup OptusNet mail to Windows mail, kindly follow the instruction.

Setting up OptusNet Email on Windows Mail

  • Users will have to click on, Accounts from the menu items which is close to the email button.
  • Then, empty fields of boxes will have appeared. The user will have to fill in the requested detail and make sure to tick a mark on the Manually configure server setting.And click Next.
  • Set server type to POP, set the server address, add users log in username, server address to port 25, and tick on Requires Authentication.

Once the process is complete the email account will be added. For more such instructions for OptusNetEmail contacts us at Optus Customer Care.

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