How to Setup Optus Email in Outlook 2019

If users are looking for a genuine webmail service then choose Optus webmail. It is one f the most used webmail service in Australia and all over the world. Email is the oldest and the best way to communicate with other users around the world. And to use such a communication medium it is very important for users to operate a genuine email client service. With Optus, webmail users will be provided with all the necessary features and functionality with which users will be able to operate email service effectively. Users will sure find loads of other email client servicesbut that software would not offer such features as expected. And also there are numerous issues and errors while using the service. Create a new account on Optus webmail users will not have to face any such unwanted issues. If there is any question for Optus webmail, regarding the features, security then feels free to contact us at Customer Care Number.

Now as we mentioned about creating a new email account for Optus mail, let us look at the process for creating now. We all want softwarethat is easy to operate and simple to use, with Optus mail users will have no such issues with making changes. And for creating a new account, the user will have to open their browser and load the official website for Optus mail. Once opened, the user will have to click on the Sign-Up link, which will redirect to a page where the new account is created. An empty form will be provided, users will have to fill in the detail. We suggest users read each and every information on creating an account. Once the process is complete, there will be a trial for verifying the user’s identity, and once the identification is done user new Optus webmail account will be created. If there is any confusion or issues with creating a new account then connect with Support Service.

We discussed how to take care of beginner changes required to be made in Optius mail. Now we will be going a bit deeper, wherein the following section we will be discussing the steps for setting up Optus email in Outlook 2019.The required steps for setup is given in the points given below.

  • The first user will have to load Outlook. Then click on Accounts.
  • Then from the top side click on the @+ sign.
  • Add Optus email address and password in the space given.
  • Enter a new display name.
  • Users can then configure the server settings automatically.
  • Once the process is complete click on Next and Finish.

With these easy steps, the setup will be complete. If there is any confusion or problem regarding following the steps then kindly reach out to Optus Technical Support.

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