How to setup Optus webmail in outlook 2016

We all must have definitely heard about electronic mail, well for new users it may be confusing what might be the term referred to, don’t be confused it is the same term for using email services. Nowadays there are many ways by which we can communicate with other people around the world, and the most used medium to date is the email service. It is one of the best and simple fast ways to deliver emails. Now to make the experience more profound, Optus has come up with its webmail where users can create an email and transfer it to the receiver in just some seconds. Before the email would take a minute or two to be transferred but now as it has been updated, the emails will be sent and received instantly. Not only about the feature for delivering emails but there are other many featuresthat are added to the Optus webmail email client. If users are new and want to learn about all the features offered by Optus webmail then kindly reach your phone and connect with Technical Support.

We will be providing users with some details on features for Optus webmail. Well discussing all the features and giving details about it would be impossible on a single article. Well, we will be providing a glance at the feature by which users can inquiry if they are interested in the webmail. Optus mail provides us with a cloud storage facility where users can store a certain space of data in their Optus webmail account. Users can extend the storage capacity if required and additional fees are required for it. Next is creating a folder for storing emails, we do understand there are hundreds of emails in your inbox, and managing them is very hard, with creating a new folder user can effectively save their emails. For enhanced security users can enable the two-factor authentication by which if the user wants to login into their account then it should be logged in through multiple devices. Interested users who want to get started with Optus mail can contact us at Support Service.

We would like to talk about another feature provided by Optus mail where users can connect their accounts to other email client services. We received a notice where users were looking for steps to setup their Optus Webmail in Outlook 2016. We have mentioned the detailed steps to make changes. Follow the given instruction.

  • The first step is to open Outlook. Next click on File on the top left side.
  • After clicking on it, the user will have to click on Add Account.
  • Users will have to provide their email addresses and click on Advanced options.
  • Then the user will have to setup server settings for the email client.
  • IMAP account type should be setup where the incoming and outgoing server should be configured.

Once the process is complete Optus webmail will be configured on Outlook 2016. For more on Optus mail contact to Optus Customer Support.

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