Optus Blocking Mail

Optus which is a very well-known telecommunication comes with several services for users in a reasonable package. We often find that the telecommunication services are expensive and also the other companies do not provide proper service. But when you start to take service from Optus, the user will not have to face any of those situations. Optus is a company that was started long ago, and users do know the quality of service provided by the company. And now Optus has also come with is special email service where users can operate the email service to communicate and manage their services taken from Optus email. There are many cool features that will excite once a user creates an account on Optus email. If users have any questions for Optus email then please connect with us at Technical Support.

Users may have created their first email account on Optus. Now it’s time to start using the email service. Users may have a basic concept about Optus email about sending and receiving emails. We would like to talk about a feature where users are able to retrieve their deleted emails. We all know that there are many emails stored in your inbox. And sometimes we accidentally delete those emails. Optus comes in with a feature where users are able to retrieve their deleted emails. There will be a separate folder Bin in which all the deleted emails are stored. Users can easily navigate where the Bin folder is, and users must be aware of a fact that those deleted emails will be stored for a certain period of time. It will not be possible to store all the deleted emails forever. If users have any other questions regarding Optus email then kindly reach out to Support Service.

After using the email service for some time, users will learn that emails can be received from anybody. If the sender has the detail of the email then the particular user can send emails to just anybody. We would not want such action to occur in our email account; it can pollute our inbox and also can make less space available on our account. For such a situation, Optus has come up with a feature where users can block the following user. In the points mentioned below, we have provided the steps to block email on Optus email.

  • The first user will have to head to their Optus email account.
  • Next, sign in to your account and open the dashboard.
  • Then the user will have to head to Spam Folder.
  • After opening spam emails, users have to select the spam emails which they look to block
  • Then on the top left side of the email, the client application user will have to click on the ‘Spam’ button.

After making changes users will be able to block a certain email address on Optus email. If there is another such question for Optus then kindly reach out to Optus Customer Support.

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