Optus Email Forwarding Not Working?

Optus mail when we hear about it, we might think it is just another email client software. But wait users are missing a whole thing about Optus mail. There is numerous email client software thatis available on the market but not all email software is genuine and user-friendly. Email is mainly used to transfer email from one account to another. And now a day many other things have also added to it. Why we suggest users use Optus email is due to its strong and genuine software. Optus email is software that is deliberately designed to make the user experience better.The software is very simple to use with its minimal user interface. Users can get started with the functionality after monitoring the interface. The navigation is easy due to which if the user wants to make any changes easily. There would hardly be a case where the user would have to give ring to Support Service to learn the steps to send an email or other normal process.

If we look more into Optus email, there are so many things that can discuss and take advantage of. In the following section, let’s discuss the features which are provided to us by Optus mail. We all must have heard once in a while about cloud storage, it is a place to store our files just as we do on hard drives. The difference in cloud storage is that it stores your files on the server. This is a very safe place to save your files, in a hardware device, there is no certainty that the device will work forever. And Optus email comes with the feature where users can store up to 500 Mb of your files. If users want to add additional storage, then purchasing the package can make it possible. For more on Optus cloud storage details kindly contact Customer Care.

After looking at a wonderful feature offered by Optus mail now we will be solving some issues with Optus email. After using email software, we all should be aware of the problem which could emerge and if we are well known about the issue, users will have no problem solving it. Some of the users were stuck with their email not being able toforward to another email account. Don’t worry, it is a simple case that does occur in an interval of time. There are some reasons due to which the email could not be forwarded. Check out the instructions given below to find the reason.

  • If users are forwarding the emails to ISP or any other third-party email service, then the reason here could be due to the company blocking the emails or filtering them as a scam.
  • If the user has not entered the details of the email id correctly. Also, make sure the alphabetis entered in the same order.
  • If the receiver’s email account is not active or deactivated, then the email cannot be forwarded.

If there are any other questions for Optus mail kindly contact us at Optus Technical Support.

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