What is the Optus IMAP Password?

Users may not have the idea about Optus providing email service, these incident has often been experienced where most of the user does know Optus as a telecommunication service provider. All of the fast internetspeeds with home internet and NBN plans, prepaid, 5G are provided by Optus Company. And as a medium, email service was added to make the user experience better. Now users can get along with users Optus services through Optus email. Those users who have not created an account on Optus webmail can head to the official website of Optus and head to the Signup page. Then after filling the forms and completing the process, the user’s new Optus email account will be created. If you are having any confusion or issues with creating an account on Optus email then kindly reach out to us at Optus Customer Care.

Users will now have the general concept about what Optus email is now and the working of it. It’s time to learn some more about Optus email, there are many things which is required for users, and now we will be looking at some of the feature offered by Optus email. Since Optus email is a product of a telecommunication company, its work is very accurate and simple to operate. A feature that users will find very useful is creating an email folder inside your account. The feature will help users to manage their emails effectively. Instead of searching email in Inbox all day long, create a new folder and access the necessary emails. If users want to learn more about what Optus provides us then connect with Optus Technical Support Service.

It is time to go a bit deeper into Optus email services. With Optus email, there are loads of things that a user can perform, for example, IMPA access. Optus comes with the service where users can access IMAP to their Optusnet.com.au account. By the following feature, users will be able to connect your email from a desktop app or even from the user’s cell phone. If users don’t have much idea about what IMAP or POP is kindly reach out to Optus Forgot Password Number, the expert will explain everything in detail. In the following points given below, we have mentioned the process to configure IMAP.

  • Users will have to set the IMAP server to mail .optusnet.com.au
  • Then comes the IMAP port which should be set at 993.
  • The IMAP security should be set to SSL.
  • Then the user will have to provide and fill in their full email address and password.
  • After that save changes and the IMAP server will be configured.

If users are not sure how to work with the given points or are confused then pick up your phone and dial us at Technical Support.

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